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January 6

A new installation, sculpture and framed works will be at PS122.
The Opening is January 16th, 5-7pm.
It's a two person show with Jessica Hendrix exhibiting her photographs.
PS122 is located at 150 First Avenue, the entrance to the gallery is around the corner on 9th Street.


December 1

I will have a room full of new sculptures at the exhibition Treemendous, it opens Dec. 6th at Islip Art Museum's Carriage House. Curated by Karen Shaw

Including: Lisa Coulson, Mike Calway-Fagen, Rachel Reese, Mark Baugh-Sasaki and Joseph Smolinski
Directions here


October 19

I have work in Artists Who Use Text To Say Nice Things a show curated by Aaron Krach.
Located at 206 Rivington Street, #4D (between Ridge and Pitt Streets).
The show will only be on view October 24th and 25th, during the hours 1-6pm

Be sure to check out his Essay on the show.

Artists include: Anthony Campuzano, Alex Da Corte, Nicole Docimo, Alyssa Duhe, Carl Ferrero, Dana Frankfort, Patrick Fry, Incidental, Chris Johanson, Cary Leibowitz, Gillian MacLeod, Mark Mahosky, Heath Nash, Jack Pierson, Megan Plunkett, Franklin Preston, Alyce Santoro, Reed Seifer, Sighn, Mickey Smith, Charlie Welch, Shawn Wolfe


September 15

My show at Believe Inn will open September 26

Not If, But When
September 26 - October 31

-coincidence, connections (real and imagined) and the inability to comprehend possibilities...

"Bulletin of Atomic Scientists: "Unique as we may think we are, it seems likely that we are genetically programmed to a natural habitat of clean air and a varied green landscape ... For centuries in the temperate zones we have tried to imitate in our houses not only the climate, but the setting of our evolutionary past: warm, humid air, green plants and even animal companions."

The Time-Life Encyclopedia of Gardening: Foliage House Plants
-James Underwood Crockett

"The adult brain is also bound by conceptual limits for space and time.  There has been a problem in science to understand the principle of action at a distance.  It is assumed that two objects must be close together or connected in some obvious way before the two can interact.  Alternative approaches are cumbersome and apparently insoluble.  One can imagine the astronomer's first impression when his data suggested that opposite sides of a quasar, tens of light years apart, were responding in a similar manner.  Despite immense distance and with no apparent connection, simultaneous reactions were taking place faster than even the speed of light could accommodate."

Space-Time Transients and Unusual Events
-Micheal A. Persinger and Gyslaine F. Lafrenière

"Katzen haben von jeher einen tiefen Eindruck auf die Menschen gemacht.
Es gab Zeiten, in denen Katzen vergöttert und verehrt wurden, und wieder andere, in denen man sie als Überbringer allen Übels gnadenlos verfolgte.
Wenn wir heutzutage diesen Tieren auch objektiver gegenüberstehen, eine gewisse Faszination ist geblieben. Mythen und Legenden ranken sich um die Katze, und bereits seit Jahrtausenden spielt sie eine bedeutende Rolle in der bildenden Kunst, in Malerei und Dichtung.
Die große Familie der Katzen lernt der Leser kennen."

Lexikon der Katzenhaltung
-Manfred Bürger

"The drumming noise made by the rapid blows of a woodpecker's beak on a tree trunk is one of the most characteristic sounds of the forest.  The birds do not produce it solely when they are feeding or excavating a nest.  They beat tattoos on resonating timber for the same reason that other birds sing, to declare possession of a territory and to attract a mate.  Each species has its own length of drum roll with its own characteristic interval between one burst and the next."

The Living Planet
-David Attenborough



June 7th

I will have work at Mixed Greens during the month of July. The reception is Thursday July 9th.


April 3rd

Opening for inaugural show at Possible Projects, a new space I created.


January 7th

I will be participating in a group show at Fleisher / Ollman Gallery in Philadelphia entitled Rich Text .

The show opens on Thursday, January 22 with a reception at the gallery from 6pm to 9pm, and will be on view through February 21, 2009.

The show includes work from contemporary artists whose use of text varies from single words to involved narratives, anti-aesthetic to highly designed, powerfully specific to poetic and nonsensical. In some cases, text retains its communicative power, while in others, it dissolves into form and object, blurring the line between looking and reading. The artists featured in the exhibition include Conrad Bakker, Mel Bochner, Natasha Bowdoin, Anthony Campuzano, Alex Da Corte, John Evans, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Mark Lombardi, Mark Mahosky, Jayson Musson, John O'Connor, Justin Quinn, Trevor Reese, Isaac Resnikoff, Kay Rosen, Josh Shaddock, Jack Sloss, Bob and Roberta Smith, Jina Valentine, Wayne White and Andrew Jeffrey Wright.


November 2nd

Here is some information and pictures from my recent show at Space1026. Click here please.


September 26th

Just returned from my wedding and honeymoon ( www.rachelreese.org ) and about to go set up my upcoming show in Philly.

our intentions are honorable will open at Space1026 on Friday October 3rd.


July 3rd

currently creating new work for a show in October at Space1026 in Philadelphia.

This will be a dual show with the Chicago artist Sighn.

If you are in the area please drop by.


June 5th

Just finished removing my installation we will go together (peak of Mt. Rotui)

It was included in the show Adventures in Mysticism at

The Athens Institute for Contemporary Art.